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Diamond Shapes

Diamonds come in a number of traditional shapes — and we bring them all to the 
Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Below are descriptions of the most popular diamond shapes.
  1. Round Brilliant — this is the most popular, and is cut for maximum sparkle
  2. Pear — teardrop-shaped, has a great deal of sparkle
  3. Oval — usually best for a ring with three or more diamonds
  4. Marquise — a traditional and popular cut
  5. Emerald — a very traditional cut with old world charm
  6. Heart — this sentimental cut is sometimes hard to find
  7. Cushion — arguably giving the most sparkle, this cut requires a diamond with 
    good clarity and is fast becoming the choice of celebrities
  8. Princess Cut — the most popular square-cut diamond, has a great deal of sparkle
  9. Radiant Cut — basically a princess cut with rounded corners


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